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Congratulations on Teacher’s Day!

Dear colleagues!

Congratulate you on the professional holiday! We express our heartfelt gratitude for the tireless work of great talent and vocation to sow wisdom and knowledge, for love to children and native land.

Your heart always filled with compassion, kindness and sweet joy.

These wonderful qualities you generously share with children’s. All believe, love and respect you.

We wish you, dear teachers, sense of completeness and uniqueness of life, health, inexhaustible creative force, inspiration, happiness and long human memory.

May there always be generous to the ups educational field, and in all your undertakings will be companion’s success and good luck!


St. Petersburg is host to the annual VK Fest. Bloggers, artists, athletes, craftsmen and musicians made popular by the Internet perform onstage and hold workshops. VK Fest is too vast to describe in a few words: it has nearly everything. It brings together popular bloggers who come to answer their readers’ questions; there are sports competitions, concerts, workshops and eco-movement contests. Here you can try on trendy outfits, facing painting and food, and take part in all sorts of entertainment events. But, most importantly, VK Fest is about innovation + inclusive projects, charities, environmental campaigns , educational projects.

VK is a Russian online social media and social networking service. It is available in several languages but it is especially popular among Russian-speaking users. VK allows users to message each other publicly or privately, to create groups, public pages and events, share and tag images, audio and video, and to play browser-based gamesIt is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Our childrens took part in the city festival with the support of volunteers of the charity Fund “YA est ” for children with special needs (the founders of Fund – actors of theater. Yegor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova)

Social employment of disabled people

“Social employment of invalids of working age”.

Since June 2018, a project has been implemented to organize the event “Social employment of disabled people of working age”, which is part of the subprogram “Creating conditions for the effective employment of disabled people” of the St. Petersburg state program “Promotion of employment in St. Petersburg” for 2015-2020

The project coordinator – St. Petersburg Association of Public Associations of Parents of Disabled Children GAOORDI created workplaces for disabled people at 8 sites of the city.

For the inmates of the orphanage No. 1 who live in the Rehabilitation Center, 30 jobs were created.

Greek summer -2018

At the initiative of the management of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant (city Sosnovy Bor) during the period from June 04 to June 25, 2018 our 23 pupils spent vacation at children’s recreation camp Ouranoupoli (Greece). For them it was the first trip abroad, the first flight by plane.
21 days our children sunbathed and bathed on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Warm sea, bright sun, sandy beach, friendly staff, new impressions.
Children from the city of Sosnovy Bor spent vacation at a camp together with our children, they with great attention and love have treated our pupils, always participated in joint actions.


Children not only had a rest on the beach but for children excursions to the city of Alexandroupoli have been organized, and the senior children could visit Cave of Alistrati, ruins of the ancient city
Philippi, the museum of silk and the museum of the nature in the city
In the camp children participated in various competitions and entertaining actions.
This summer vacation, of course, became the brightest event in life of children.

The passport of safety of pupils” for blind and visually impaired

On May 31, 2018 in our orphanage the informative training event “The passport of safety of pupils” for blind and visually impaired has been organized.
Organizers – the Saint Petersburg Directorate of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations and department of supervising activity and scheduled maintenance of Petethof district.

24 pupils: 2 blind people and 22 visually impaired have received as a gift the books Sertificate of safety and souvenirs from the Ministry of Emergency Situations
The pupil Mikhail Goloveshkin owning Braille’s Alphabet has read the small paragraph from the book


Also in action CEO’s of companies -“Closed joint stock company “Balama” – Markhay Ivan and “Company SIz-Invest ” – Yury Gorshkov have taken part. . They have also prepared for our pupils educational movies, the presentations, competitions and Personal protective equipment for trainings.

All participants of competitions have won prizes and gifts and the general photos.

The wife of the Prime Minister of Japan visited the State Orphanage

The wife of the Prime Minister of Japan visited the State Orphanage for children with intellectual disabilities №1″


On May 25, 2018, Mrs. Akie Abe, the wife of the Prime Minister of Japan, visited the State Orphanage for children with intellectual disabilities №1″

Ms. Abe visited the physiotherapy department: cabinets of phytotherapy, mechanotherapy, heat and light therapy, aromatherapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, therapeutic and physical culture and massage, got acquainted with educational and corrective-developing innovative technologies used by teachers in the sensory room, multimedia rooms, speech therapist’s office, interactive hall .


A great impression on Mrs. Abe was made by the Museum of Sports Glory of the State Orphanage which contains more than 1000 medals won by the institution’s pupils at sports competitions of international and Russian level. In 2018, the International Registration Agency registered a record in the nomination “The greatest number of sports medals in a children’s institution.”

Victory day is sacred holiday

The Great Patriotic War was the most difficult trial for the Soviet people and their armed forces. The Soviets rose up in arms to defend their motherland and the entire country became a single military camp. The Soviet soldiers defended every inch of the Soviet soil displaying unprece­dented courage and heroism.

The rout of Nazi troops in the battle of Moscow initiated the turning point of the war. The myth of Hitler Wermacht’s invisibility was shattered. After extremely heavy fighting the enemy was smashed at Stalingrad, Kursk, Oryol, Leningrad, in the Ukraine, in the Baltic republics — these victories in 1944 led to the complete liberation of our country from the Nazi’s aggressors


In 1945 the Soviet army carried out military operations of a great score and results including the battle for Berlin — the capital of German fascism. The Soviet soldiers drove the Nazis out of many European countries.

On the 8 of May the Nazi generals signed the act of surrender. On that day the world learned of the final victory of freedom-loving nations over German fascism. The victory was the result of the tremendous efforts of nations and armies of all countries of the anti-fascist coalition.

The greatest contribution of all was made by the Soviet Union, by its people and army. The cost of the victory was extremely high. The war claimed over 50 million people and 27 million only in this country. Not to forget the past means not to forget people. Names that have entered history remain with us forever.

1 may

Dear colleagues Dear readers ! Accept sincere congratulations on the day of the working people, peace and spring! The long-awaited time of the May holidays is coming, let these days bring to your house the Sun and Joy, a beautiful mood and well-being. We also want to wish you a warm spring days, a good holiday. Get strength, ideas, inspiration for new achievements!

Museum of Sports Achievements of pupils of Orphanage No. 1 Peterhof is included in the Russian Book of Records

The International Records Agency “Interrekord” registered the Museum of Sports Achievements of pupils of Orphanage No. 1 Peterhof – 07.03.2018. The information is placed in the book of records of Russia in the nomination “The greatest number of medals”


World Special Olympics -62 gold, 33 silver, 19 bronze medals.

On the European Special Olympics games -53 gold, 24 silver, 6 bronze medals.

At the All-Russian competitions -218 gold, 202 silver, 141 bronze medals.

367 medals of the championships of St. Petersburg

Международный сертификат Интеррекорд

Международный сертификат Интеррекорд

The greatest number of sports medals in children’s institution.
Since 1990, the “Boarding House for ChiIdren with
Mental Development Disabilties №1 city of St. Petersburg, is the record holder, having won at the sports competitions: World Special Olympics – 62 gold, 33 silver, 19 bronze medals. On the European SOI 48 gold, 21 silver, 5 bronze medals. At the All-Russia competitions 218 gold, 202 silver and 141 bronze medals. 367 medals of the championships of the city
of St. Petersburg.
Boarding House for Children with Mental Development Disabilities Ns1 Russia, Saint-Petersburg March 11,2018
The record was registered in accordance with the Regulations of International Records Registation of March,23,1964, and results of examination made by INTERRECORD agency

Our graduate – Katya Kiriyenkova the Master of Sports of Russia of the international class in equestrian sport.

Our graduate – Katya Kiriyenkova the Master of Sports of Russia of the international class in equestrian sport.


The best sportswoman of St. Petersburg in 2017.

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